Two Girls One Cup – 2 Girls 1 Cup

2 Girls 1 Cup or Two Girls One Cup is a scat-fetish unofficial trailer made for the movie “Hungry Bitches”. The Trailer features two women defacting in a cup and later eating it, vomiting into each others mouth. The video became viral on then newly launched Video-streaming website YouTube and many reaction videos were made on the site. Two Girls one Cup video was directed by Brazilian Director “Florito”. He has received a wide backlash in the United States for the kind of work he does. The authenticity of the video is debatable, But it is learnt that the video was made with advance graphic and the feces are actually made from the mixture of chocolate and other flavors.





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  1. ._. Wtf is this I swear to god they have lost sense in taste… Also now I’m scarred for life ._. stop doing this SHIT (pun intended) and do normal fucking shit for once

  2. That’s peanut butter injected into her butt, then she pushes it out into the cup although still gross, some asshole will really try this. What’s this world coming to ????

  3. What the fuck is this this shit is fucking nasty I almost throw up this bullshit shouldn’t be on here that shit was dark on one side and light on the other

  4. Moreeeee moreee moreeeee
    They should have shitted in each others mouths and a little piss wouldn’t have hurted. My girlfriend and I do this often honestly. After 10 years we gotta spice it up a bit

    1. Ok m8 u and ur girl friend should go see a doctor or phsycologist because u do some fuked up shit man cmon wtf is spicing it up to u cause if this was me I’d be at Westgate (suicide bridge) already

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